Duelling – does it break the sandbox?

Retribution 1.1 is upon us and we have the return of duelling to @eveonline and I for one and VERY happy that it is back.

First off some back story. Many many moons ago if you wanted to fight someone in high-sec space with out concord intervention you had a couple of options; wardecs and can flipping. Now we will can all agree that declaring war against someone was a bit silly if all you wanted to do was slug is out in a 0.5 security system or higher. So everyone used can flipping, which made you a legal target for one person and you both could go at it until your ships went pop and “GF” was exchanged in local. With the release of retribution this mechanic changed how ever with the new crime-watch system that made anyone who can flipped a legal target to EVERYONE and not just the person who was “flipped”.

This caused a problem to a lot of people but also to a few of us DJ’s here at @GRN_Everadio because we used to like running high-sec pvp style 1v1’s or “king of the hill” style fights which we sadly could not do after December 4th due to game changes. However @CCP_Masterplan has been the saviour of the people who liked to have a 1v1 in high sec with duelling being added in the first point release for retribution. So everyone is happy right? Wrong!

For example:

@evenews24 Riverini seems to think it will when I put my reply to him this is what I got back

Then the master of the ship balancing @ccp_fozzie set it all straight with this post:

But we already have “arena’s” in Eve, it’s called SiSi, or at least a fair few people treat our beloved test server that way. Duels are not an arena for a “safer” form of combat as you can still lose your ship, get podded, people can remote rep who you are duelling (remember crime-watch applies still)

Maybe “WoW style” arena’s in eve where you get ranked according to how well you have done could be a good thing and take off but they would have to have a good set of lore behind it (very easy to write) and a very strict rule set that couldn’t be gamed in any way, but should be left open to the sandbox style of Eve. You never know one day we could be watching two teams of pilots fighting for the honor and respect of winning a fight and tournament sanctioned by the four major empire factions and then Sansha Kuvakei and his mindless swarm of drone like nation of followers fly in and break it all up. (@CCPgames you can credit me for that bit of content) :)

As for the “push button – receive bacon” element of the “arena” style play, I do not think that anything special should be gained from it that has an overpowered feel from any other item in the game, that said and thinking about it how cool would it be to see a Über rare prize get suicide ganked in high-sec, OHHH just think of the tears it would cause but as I always say “Hey that’s @EveOnline”

Just to point out I am 100% in favour of the duelling system, I know it may seem a bit hard to grasp from the post

Thanks for reading and as always please comment if you feel like it


Update: It seems that maybe my tweets have struck a nerve with @evenews24 and Riverini has posted an “open thread” about it. I have chimed my two pence in there as I have here

  • http://twitter.com/mrhuggy Chris Hugman

    Coming from the second greatest sandbox MMO, Star Wars Galaxies which always had duel system, the duel system works pretty much runs as it does in Eve Online. I don’t have any problems with it in Eve, it has minimal effect with exsiting game play and it brings in the “Epeen Station Dueler” for High Secers. And why has it taken soo long to get it in Eve.

    • http://wiggles.gamingradio.net/blog WigglesGRN

      Well we have always had it, but it was can flipping but its all official now and good :)

  • lowbobwiggles

    Hey wigglefag, this was posted on reddit first…how dare you!!! On other news: You are a retard.